In the area of case furniture wardrobe doors with stained glass is equated to a art work, a measure of owner’s status and a reflection of refinment of his taste.

A mirror is one of the most effective tools in a designer’s capable hands.  One of the examples is an ability to “camouflage”  the wardrobe the way that guests would barely guess where the owner’s stuff is usually kept.  By the way, the mirror doors  will  visually enlarge the room or the entrance.

Nowadays you  may find the wardrobe  stained glass doors,  made using  almost all popular  techniques,  from Tiffany to sandblasting.  Its very common also to use  the mixed techniques, combining  mirror elements with stained glass  inserts Particleboard, MDF.

 Vitraj Miracol studio decorates wardrobe  stained glass doors, using various tehniques :

  • Drawing aplication on glass,

  • Engraving with the paint, with polymeric, fusing installations,

  • Professional English film stained glass, DCFix,Oracal series, with plumbum contour, RegaLead and Decraled crystals,

  • Artistic paint on mirror and glass,

  • Tiffany technique,

  • “Frost” effect drawings application,

  • Fusing, glass crumb.