Vitraj Miracol company produces pseudo stained glass RegaLead  - a perfect substitute to the Tiffany technique stained glass,wich by the way is a much more affordable stained glass version.

RegaLead  is an english technology , based on the use of  highlyprofessional stain glass film RegaLead and  plumbum contour.

There are many kinds of stained glass films and diferent types of plumbum contour, various colours and thickness.  The advantage of film stained glass is its ability to gather  the  glass sticked to the film, if you accidentally brake it. 

RegaLead films are covered with polymers, do not loose the colour even under the intensive sunlight and they are temperature drops resistant.  One of the most important roles is taken by the plumbum contour,  that makes the product look  completed.

Artistic  stained glass studio  Vitraj Miracol produces  stained glass, that may be suited for your doors, windows, niches, ceiilings, closet,  furniture facades.

If you already have installed the window or the closet,  that you want to decorate, our specialists  are able to execute the decor right  at your house.